Sunday, September 20, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a new movie in town titled“The ABCD” with the following storyline/script

A for Apple
B for Bus
C for Cat
D for Dog

People liked the forgotten simple childlike rhyme. The film “The ABCD” won many world awards, it broke business records. Within six months more than 100 movies inspired from the film “The ABCD” popped in the same market.


Doberman / Donkey/ Dhakkan / Dhobi / Dracula / Doorman

A utterly
Bitterly / Butterlly
Delicious (Further inspired from AMUL)

The guy who wrote “The ABCD” wrote “The EFGH” while everyone was busy making the copy of his creativity.

So next year the film “The EFGH” was a big smashing hit again because people were fed up of watching the remakes or inspired from the “The ABCD”

Henceforth, 200 remakes of “The EFGH” flooded. But few copycat filmmakers were smart. They started making the film “The IJKL” and “The MNOP” before the writer could start putting his thoughts.

Any market is driven by the actions of the leader provided the leader is intelligent and honest else mutiny follows.

The guy wrote “The KLOPS” biggest hit once again.

As the saying goes “one can fool all the people sometime, one can fool some people all the time but one can’t fool all the people all the times” – Only guy who wrote the original work ruled the industry as after his third movie people entered the cinema hall just by his mere name, not even a single marketing tactics/promos were needed.

Any guesses about the 4th movie???

It’s titled “The beautiful life” because writer in his work of originality broke many barriers of creativity and learnt a lot beyond identifying set patterns of life in alphabets and words ^_^

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