Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ददामि शुद्ध चिताधरा

धनम ना ददातु
त्रिलोक्य ना ददातु
ददामि शुद्ध चिताधरा

Don't give me money
Don't give me three world
Give me pure flow of thoughts

मेरे सपने गुनागुनाओ उनहें थोड़ा तो हँसाओ

मेरे सपने गुनागुनाओ
उनहें थोड़ा तो हँसाओ

थोड़े से हेरान हैं
थोड़े अनजान हैं
थोड़े से शेतान हैं
थोड़े नादान हैं

बिन पूछे आते हैं
फिर जाना भूल जाते हैं

सोते भी नहीं हैं
खाते भी नहीं हैं
हस्ते भी नहीं हैं
रोते भी नहीं हैं

उड़ते हैं पानी में
आसमान में चलते हैं

मेरे सपने गुद्गुदाओ/गुनागुनाओ
उनहें थोड़ा तो हँसाओ

बंद कर लू मुढ़ी में
या समुंदर के नीचे ले दबाऊं

या फिर राम के बाण
के आगे उन्हें लगाऊ
और आसमान के मस्तक से भी दूर
उन्हें ले जाऊं

मेरे सपने गुद्गुदाओ/गुनागुनाओ

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Listen to me please :)

Who will listen when everybody is opting to scream? How to sell in a buyer-less market when everyone is a seller?

Isn't it same for twitter and growing community of online status messages, emails, SMS, phone calls...

Why everyone wants to scream? Why everyone wants to be heard ? Why everyone wants to be recognized? Haven't our parents cuddled us and said, "You are the most beautiful creation, because you are my child and I will listen to you always, I will be there for you always."

Why the insecurity? Are we not confident about our self, our work, our product, our services. Why are we scared that customer will go to them, Is customer a fool?

Isn't it like a fish market where every status bar is showcasing - the hidden cost of our non pampered esteem.


What a pity? A world filled will mobile phone calls, sms, FB, twitter, emails, n blog, n growing number of internet pages.

No one wants to sit in the silence of a tree.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beautiful fat :)))

The new learning license twinkled in his eyes; he shrugged his shoulders daunting big yes. That thin lean teenage person waved at his twin looking teenage brother, smiled and drove the car. Excited, he did mistake of putting the wrong gear and hit the smartly standing cars in the parking queue.

In the residential area, accident’s noise boomed in ears. Swiftly, people ventured out of the houses. Owners of tampered cars showed wild facial expressions of ready-to-eat-the-driver. But the driver - the lean guy was smart; he applied the right gear and drove away hastily, leaving his twin brother to handle the crowd.

The brother struggled, said loudly, take the money, but crowd wanted to fight despite frequent sorry screams. God inside them wanted some psychological ego satisfaction. The other brother who hit the car ran away only to return back accompanied with a bulky uncle whose belly protruded in pregnancy of mammoth wants of taste-buds satisfaction including the daily intake of few kilograms of butter chickens and butter naans(white flour Indian bread)

Crowd acted sober when the fat man walked towards them. The roaring lions turned dogs wagging tails to speak first in an unimagined queue to demand for the compensation, though already proclaimed by the twin.

The crowd accepted whatever the hands of bulky man showcased along with his not-to-be-heard voice subconsciously. They acted defensively from a bulky middle-aged man who was a actually a quack.

So what I intend to say by this short incidence, we have seen people laughing at fat people.

I wonder at the predicament of fat people, “A person who is over-healthy symbolizes power”, words of a slim friend from Ahmedabad pricked the blossoming ideal fox body figure balloons in my head, “Don’t you feel the vibes? Everyone gets nervous to see a bulky person”.

“No way baby everyone laughs”, I added the tincture on my thoughts, though it can act as a lovely excuse to avoid exercising. But tincture speared the pain waves, “What if Gabbar Singh in Sholay was skinny man?” A thin villain is hard to imagine, a hefty guy suits the image of a villain for the masses – right or wrong - But the trend has changed; now everyone is thin in the movie…

Gone are the days when fat was symbol of prosperity. It had a charisma where it was impossible to imagine a Lala / Seth / Rich man without big belly.

But don’t you feel the difference subconsciously to see a skinny CEO and an over healthy CEO. How would you feel as an interviewee interviewed by thin interviewer or …?

Fat is still powerful and beautiful.


Once upon a time, there was a new movie in town titled“The ABCD” with the following storyline/script

A for Apple
B for Bus
C for Cat
D for Dog

People liked the forgotten simple childlike rhyme. The film “The ABCD” won many world awards, it broke business records. Within six months more than 100 movies inspired from the film “The ABCD” popped in the same market.


Doberman / Donkey/ Dhakkan / Dhobi / Dracula / Doorman

A utterly
Bitterly / Butterlly
Delicious (Further inspired from AMUL)

The guy who wrote “The ABCD” wrote “The EFGH” while everyone was busy making the copy of his creativity.

So next year the film “The EFGH” was a big smashing hit again because people were fed up of watching the remakes or inspired from the “The ABCD”

Henceforth, 200 remakes of “The EFGH” flooded. But few copycat filmmakers were smart. They started making the film “The IJKL” and “The MNOP” before the writer could start putting his thoughts.

Any market is driven by the actions of the leader provided the leader is intelligent and honest else mutiny follows.

The guy wrote “The KLOPS” biggest hit once again.

As the saying goes “one can fool all the people sometime, one can fool some people all the time but one can’t fool all the people all the times” – Only guy who wrote the original work ruled the industry as after his third movie people entered the cinema hall just by his mere name, not even a single marketing tactics/promos were needed.

Any guesses about the 4th movie???

It’s titled “The beautiful life” because writer in his work of originality broke many barriers of creativity and learnt a lot beyond identifying set patterns of life in alphabets and words ^_^