Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Listen to me please :)

Who will listen when everybody is opting to scream? How to sell in a buyer-less market when everyone is a seller?

Isn't it same for twitter and growing community of online status messages, emails, SMS, phone calls...

Why everyone wants to scream? Why everyone wants to be heard ? Why everyone wants to be recognized? Haven't our parents cuddled us and said, "You are the most beautiful creation, because you are my child and I will listen to you always, I will be there for you always."

Why the insecurity? Are we not confident about our self, our work, our product, our services. Why are we scared that customer will go to them, Is customer a fool?

Isn't it like a fish market where every status bar is showcasing - the hidden cost of our non pampered esteem.


What a pity? A world filled will mobile phone calls, sms, FB, twitter, emails, n blog, n growing number of internet pages.

No one wants to sit in the silence of a tree.

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